Can I Specify The Type Of Research I Want To Donate To?

Unfortunately, except for neurological research, we cannot honor specific research requests.

However, in the case of neurologic research, because we work directly with major research institutions that only perform basic neurologic research, we provide this assurance.

First, Eligibility Must Be Confirmed

When a donor consents to both brain and whole-body donation, the first thing that happens once we confirm eligibility is removing the brain from the body. Once harvested, the donor’s brain is transferred to the applicable brain bank.

Next, a unique identification number is assigned to the remainder of the donor’s body, and the body is transferred to the applicable anatomical body donation company. The body donation company does not learn the identity of the donor nor is provided with any personal information (other than certain medical records and test results) prior to transfer.

Research Requests Cannot Be Accommodated

We are not allowed to make requests for specific research or uses of the donor’s body. Nor are we provided any information regarding the utilization of such a body.

After a number of weeks, the applicable donor body is cremated and the cremated remains are returned to Sunshine Donation Services (identified by the number assigned to the donor by our firm).

As cremated remains are returned to Sunshine Donation, we contact the donor’s family to let them know that the remains are ready to be picked up.