What Is The Difference Between Donating Through Sunshine Donation And The Donor Symbol On The License?

Is Sunshine Donation Services an Organ Transplant Service?

No.  Sunshine Donation Services is not an organ transplant service or agency.  We do not participate in organ transplant protocols or harvesting.

Instead, we facilitate brain and body donation for medical research.

Some of our partners include major medical schools and medical centers.  Other donor remains are used for surgical training, medical device manufacturing and research, and bio-medical companies for testing.

Organ Donation is a Live Organ Transplant to a Living Person. 

Donating your brain and body to science is a non-transplant option that can save lives by helping advance cures to disease, improve the quality of surgical care and help device and drug manufacturers design better products.

Typically, registered organ donors can also donate their brains and bodies to science.

As we age, it becomes less and less likely that our organs will qualify for an organ transplant.  By agreeing to the whole body and brain donation, you can still help those alive live better and healthier lives.

It is highly likely that even if you don’t qualify for organ transplant donation, you will be able to qualify for body and/or brain donation.