Is Acceptance Guaranteed?

We are not able to guarantee acceptance into any program.

We cannot guarantee acceptance for several reasons, all of which must be confirmed at the time of donation (which is after death).

Reasons someone will not qualify for brain or body donation


We need to confirm the prospective donor’s BMI (body mass index) at death.

Prospective donors who weigh too little or too much will not be accepted.  The BMI criteria are not very restrictive, and we estimate that 90%+ of all prospective donors have a qualifying BMI at the time of death.

Safety because of communicable disease

We need to confirm that it is safe for us to accept the donation. We do not want to expose our staff or medical professionals to certain diseases that can kill staff.

We cannot accept the donation if the prospective donor has, or tests positive for, HIV, hepatitis, certain types of “flesh-eating” bacteria, or has certain other diseases (such as MERS).

COVID does not currently disqualify the prospective donor from the donation.

Condition of the body at the time of donation

We need to verify the condition of the prospective donor’s body at the time of donation.

Prospective donors that have been in an accident, fire, or whose body has started to meaningfully decompose are not eligible for donation.

Consent of all required parties

Florida law requires the consent of all required parties prior to donation.

Florida law sets forth strict consent requirements that must be complied with.

Of course, if the prospective donor has provided written instructions regarding donation that meet specific legal requirements, the prospective donor’s wishes must be followed regardless of what surviving relatives believe.

Medical Conditions That Do Not Disqualify Prospective Donors

Unless the prospective donor’s medical condition makes the donation unsafe for our staff or medical professionals to accept the donation, the prospective donor’s BMI is too high or too low, or the prospective donor’s body condition is not appropriate for donation, the prospective donor should be accepted.

Cancer, degenerative neurological disease, heart disease, and stroke are not disqualifying illnesses.