Is your Mom a Llama? You may have immunity from COVID-19

I have waited almost my whole adult life to be able to ask if “your Momma is a Llama,” and now, because of COVID-19 and recent scientific research, I can ask the question and not feel like an idiot.  

Book cover for Is Your Mama a Llama? written by Deborah Guarino

Llamas Have Immune Molecules

You see, it turns out that Llamas have immune molecules that can neutralize all known COVID-19 strains, including Omicron. 

Believe it or not, a type of nanobody (a type of antibody) naturally produced by Llamas kills off COVID-19 and most other coronaviruses (meaning colds).  

Scientists believe they can cheaply synthesize the Llama-like nanobodies in a laboratory and administer them to humans (not just humans with Llama Mommas).  Early testing suggests that this may work and provide cheap and easily accessible therapies for all sorts of common diseases. 

So, don’t scoff if you discover someone’s Momma is a Llama.  They may have nanobodies that prevent COVID and other colds.  

Just don’t get too close if someone’s Momma is a Llama…even though they look cute, Llamas bite, spit and smell bad.

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