It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than FREE!!

Sunshine Donor Services is offering free cremation to anyone who is accepted into our program and donates their body to medical education and research (after death).  

Bold FREE in gold

Our offer is “for real” – in exchange for doing something good for others, you get a free cremation.  

That’s right; if you agree to help advance medical knowledge and research we will take care of the cost of cremation.  

Do I Qualify For A FREE Cremation?

We have created a self-help pre-screening form that you can access in the privacy of your home to determine if it is likely that you, or your loved one, will be accepted into our program.  You can access our proprietary pre-screening form by clicking here.  

Whole-body donation to science is a win-win for both the deceased and thousands of people who medical science may save.  

What You Need To Know

Sunshine Donor Services will offer free cremation to anyone accepted into the whole-body donation program.  

The decedent’s tissue will help advance healthcare, including medical research, education, and training around the globe.  

There is no age limit for whole-body donations.  And, except for a minimal number of infectious diseases, almost everyone qualifies for the Sunshine Donor Services program.  Cancer, heart disease, stroke, and/or COVID do not disqualify a potential donor.  

Body Donation and Organ Donation Are Not One In The Same

Whole-body donation is not the same thing as live organ donation.  The Sunshine Donor Services program is for whole-body donation and is not an organ transplant program.  

Many prospective donors are rejected because either the donor’s or their family’s wishes are unclear.  If you want to participate in whole-body donation (or have a loved one participate), we must be sure that neither the donor nor next of kin object to whole-body donation.  

It is essential to call us either just before passing or immediately after death.  Time is of the essence for whole-body donation.  Often prospective donors cannot be accepted into the program because too much time has passed from the time of death until application into the program

Let Us Help With The Funeral

If you want to have a funeral service or viewing, we can arrange that through whichever funeral home you select.  Of course, we have an affiliate funeral home that can provide these funeral-related services.  Additional charges will apply, however.  

Please let us know if the option for free cremation works for you, your family, or someone you know.  

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