Learn About How To Keep “Man’s Best Friend” Safe

Dog flu, i.e., canine influenza, is coming to Florida.  It has reached epidemic proportions in other states and will soon get that bad here.  

A dog in his bed holding a stuffed dog with a thermometer in his mouth.

Dog flu is not dangerous to humans, just to dogs.  So far, according to the media, there are no known humans that have been infected with dog flu.  

Essentially, dog flu is an influenza virus that has mutated to make dogs sick.  It is highly contagious among dogs, but generally not fatal to our furry friends.  

If your dog gets dog flu, mostly all you need to do is give your dog tons of TLC and make sure that he/she remains hydrated.  Your dog will have a stuffy nose, a cough, and a fever (just like human flu).  Fido will be lethargic while he/she is sick.  After a week or two, your dog should be fine. 

But, it is important to isolate a sick dog from uninfected dogs.  That means no doggy park or doggy daycare while they are sick. 

Also, if you have a dog that is not infected, you may want to consider isolating your dog from other dogs until the dog pandemic passes. 

A mother, father, sno, daughter and puppy inside their house with masks on staying safe.

Of course, if your dog appears really sick, you should take it to the vet.  Dog flu can become fatal if your dog is already sick, old, or otherwise has a predisposition for dog flu.