Put Yourself On The List To Help Cure Brain Disease

More than one-third of all people who live to age 85 will develop a degenerative neurological disease, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most significant source of suffering.

But, you can do something to help cure this epidemic of suffering.

You can be a hero and do an “Absolute Good.”

You can help cure Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases.

How Can You Help?

You can agree to donate your brain, upon death, to medical research.

We are working with medical schools and research labs around the country that are desperately trying to cure neurological diseases.

Some of the medical schools we work with include the University of Florida, the University of Miami, the University of Colorado, and Columbia University Medical School.

It is complicated for researchers to cure degenerative neurological disease because it is impossible to obtain live tissue for testing and study.

But, the brains of recently deceased individuals are the “next best thing” and provide essential tissue for microscopic and bio-chemical investigation and drug testing.

The medical schools that we are working with need the brains of everyone, healthy and sick alike.

You can prequalify yourself (or your friends, clients, and relatives) for brain donation and get on the list of people that want to make a difference.

Brain Donation Is An “Absolute Good”

Brain donation is an “absolute good” that has the potential to give life to those still alive.

When you register for brain donation, you will join a list of people who want to give the gift of life to others.

We will coordinate brain donation at no cost, regardless of which funeral home you select to serve your family.

Do You Qualify?

If you would like to qualify for brain donation, please call our office at 561-717-2876 and say “I want to be a hero and do an “absolute good”.

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