Science Fiction Meets The US Army

A few weeks ago I emailed you about an Israeli vehicle-mounted laser system that could shoot down incoming munitions, including mortar shells, drones, and missiles.  

Air Defense Systems

Well…the United States will not be outdone by the Israelis and now has two laser air defense systems.  The larger and more powerful system is mounted on a Stryker armored fighting vehicle, while the smaller system is placed on an infantry squad vehicle.   

Below is a picture of the Stryker vehicle with an air defense laser.  

A green army tanker

The below rendering is of the Stryker in action shooting down incoming threats.  

Green army tank on a dirt road shooting missles into the sky

Protecting Our Troops

According to the Department of Defense, the laser system should protect soldiers against various areal threats, including unmanned aircraft (drones), helicopters, rockets, artillery, and mortars.   If you would like to read more about this, click here, here, or here.