Somehow Florida’s Hospitals are Getting Worse

Florida, with its sunny beaches and vibrant communities, is a dream destination for many.

But is it the right place for high-quality healthcare? Let’s take a deep dive.

Remember my email from last year about the US News and World Report hospital rankings?  

Picture of the article U.S. News Best Hospitals from the US News magazine.

A year ago I highlighted concerns about Florida’s healthcare system, emphasizing its lack of top-tier hospitals.

I am sad to report that this year, according to US News and World Report, things have actually gotten worse.  

State-Wide AnalysisFlorida does not have a single hospital in the 2023 US News and World Reports Honor Roll 

You can see a copy of the 2023 ranking by clicking here.

A Shocking Revelation

How can Florida, the third largest state (by population) and with our great wealth, have no hospitals in the top tier?  I am not certain how we did so poorly, but I have some ideas.  

Of course, maybe things are different locally (meaning greater Boca Raton).  After all, South Palm Beach County is one of the wealthiest areas in the entire United States.  If healthcare isn’t excellent here, given the number of people where cost is no object, it isn’t good anywhere in Florida.  

Local Prospective – Boca Raton

In Greater Boca Raton there are three major hospitals.  

A picture collage of the 3 "best" hospital names in south florida. Boca Regional, West Boca, Delray Medical.

And, even a quick glance at the rankings of these three hospitals, immediately confirms that even in a wealthy area such as Boca Raton, there are large problems with the hospitals.  

Patient ratings for the Boca Raton hospitals are dismal and are worse this year than last.  

According to patients, Boca Raton Regional Hospital remains a poorly rated 2-star facility

I don’t take a lot of comfort in knowing that Boca Regional Hospital is the “best of the bunch” and was given 2 stars (out of 5-stars).  

At 2 stars, Boca Raton Regional Hospital has the same ranking as the worst inner-city hospital in New York City (NYC Health and Hospitals – Harlem (also known as Harlem Hospital)).  

When I lived in Manhattan I knew not to go to Harlem Hospital. 

But now that I live in Boca Raton, my best choice has the same patient ranking as the worst NYC hospital.  

Are West Boca Medical Center or Delray Medical Better Hospitals? 

Not according to US News and World Report. 

West Boca Medical Center is a 1-star facility.  

Just to be clear, it doesn’t get any worse than 1-star.  That is a worse rating than Harlem Hospital.  

And, Delray Medical is a 1-star facility.  Again, a worse rating than Harlem Hospital.  

So, what’s behind these grim figures?

Is This The Fault of the Doctors and Nurses?

No.  The doctors and nurses try to do the best job that they can. This is a management and state government failure.  

The Role of Big Hospital Management Companies

Dive deeper, and you’ll find these three facilities are managed by two large hospital management conglomerates. Could their influence lead to declining standards and patient neglect?

You betcha…

West Boca and Delray Medical Centers are managed by the same company, i.e., Tenet Healthcare Corporation, which manages 61 hospitals throughout the US.  So, it should not be a surprise that the same management company got the same 1-star ratings at both its local hospitals.    

On the other hand, Boca Raton Regional Hospital is managed by Baptist Health South Florida.  Baptist Health South Florida manages 12 hospitals in our region. I guess that Baptist is “better” than Tenet Healthcare (but still not better than the worst of New York City). 

Comparing Tenet Healthcare, Baptist and Harlem Hospital is like comparing three sets of rotting fruit. 

At the end of the day, we know it’s “bad” to eat rotting fruit, regardless of which fruit is more rotten.    

Government Oversight and Its Impacts

Let’s not sidestep the elephant in the room.

Florida’s government might be at the heart of this crisis. Why? They oversee a healthcare system that appears increasingly inadequate despite the state’s abundant financial resources and growing population.

And, the state government isn’t doing anything to fix the crisis of poor-quality healthcare.  

A picture of the Welcome to Florida The Sunshine State sign you see when you enter Florida from Georgia.

An Urgent Appeal for Change

Quality healthcare isn’t a partisan issue; it’s a human one. Residents and visitors alike deserve better.

Florida, with all its glory, needs to rise and ensure its healthcare system reflects its stature.

After all, what good is paradise if it can’t ensure the health and safety of its inhabitants?


1.  Did any Florida hospitals rank on the 2023 US News and World Reports Honor Roll?

No, none of the Florida hospitals made it to the list.

2.  How did Boca Raton Regional Hospital fare in the ratings?

It dropped from a 3-star rating in 2022 to a 2-star rating in 2023.

3.  Are West Boca Medical Center and Delray Medical any better?

Both hospitals currently hold a 1-star rating.

4.  Who manages these hospitals?

All three are managed by large conglomerates. 

West Boca and Delray Medical are managed by Tenet Healthcare, while Boca Raton Regional Hospital is managed by Baptist Health South Florida.  

5.  Is the Florida government being blamed for the healthcare situation?

Many believe there’s an issue with how the healthcare system is overseen by Florida’s government officials.  After all, other wealthy states and areas provide much higher quality healthcare options.  

Ensuring quality healthcare isn’t a partisan issue.  It is an issue that affects all equally.  As a result, I believe that regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, you should find it unacceptable that in greater Boca Raton, when our lives are on the line, we can only choose between crummy and crummier.