Somehow Florida’s Hospitals are Getting Worse

Picture of 5 stars with only one colored yellow showing a Poor Rating.

Florida, with its sunny beaches and vibrant communities, is a dream destination for many. But is it the right place for high-quality healthcare? Let’s take a deep dive. Remember my email from last year about the US News and World Report hospital rankings?   A year ago I highlighted concerns about Florida’s healthcare system, emphasizing its…

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Misdiagnosis Happens Every Day!

cartoon image of the word OOPS!

I am neither a funeral director nor a medical professional.  I am just a lawyer who is the part owner of a group of funeral homes who writes to you occasionally.  What I’ve Learned Since entering the funeral business, I have learned that medical malpractice through misdiagnosis occurs daily and kills thousands yearly. Not surprisingly,…

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What To Say or Not To Say When A Friend Has A Loss

Do you have a good friend who has experienced a loss? What should you say or not say in order to bring them comfort?

When a person is enveloped by grief, the words we choose can be a beacon of comfort. The art of expressing condolences mandates thoughtfulness and authentic intentions to assuage the pain. This comprehensive guide elucidates strategies for delicately handling diverse scenarios, including the loss of a parent, child, or beloved spouse. Subtlety and Sincerity: The…

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