Why Body Donation Is the Most Effective Way to Help Others


The process of donating your body after death is called “body donation.” It involves making arrangements for your body to be donated to science, medical research, education, or other purposes. You Can Pay It Forward For Future Generations There are many reasons why people choose to donate their bodies after death.  Some people want to…

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Is your Mom a Llama? You may have immunity from COVID-19

Picture of a white llama

I have waited almost my whole adult life to be able to ask if “your Momma is a Llama,” and now, because of COVID-19 and recent scientific research, I can ask the question and not feel like an idiot.   Llamas Have Immune Molecules You see, it turns out that Llamas have immune molecules that can…

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Can I Have A Funeral, Viewing, or Wake If I Select Body Donation?

Yes, You Can. You do not need to choose between paying it forward through the body and/or brain donation and saying goodbye to your loved one in a respectful, dignified, and appropriate manner. Sine two funeral homes own Sunshine Donation Services, we can provide a traditional funeral service, viewing, or wake prior to body donation.…

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We Can Help You Make A Positive Difference

Make A Difference

2021 was a challenging year for many people and we hope and pray that 2022 will be easier.  Pay It Forward With Body Donation To Science Over the last few months, Sunshine Cremation Services has expanded its affiliation with several medical schools and research companies to facilitate body donation to science.    By donating a…

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Can I Specify The Type Of Research I Want To Donate To?

Unfortunately, except for neurological research, we cannot honor specific research requests. However, in the case of neurologic research, because we work directly with major research institutions that only perform basic neurologic research, we provide this assurance. First, Eligibility Must Be Confirmed When a donor consents to both brain and whole-body donation, the first thing that…

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Can people with COVID-19 qualify for body donation?

Yes! Covid Does Not Disqualify You Covid-19 does not disqualify a prospective donor from the body or brain donation program. When the pandemic was in its infancy, doctors believed that active Covid-19 made individuals ineligible for body or brain donation. However, over time, researchers discovered that if a deceased individual’s body is cared for in…

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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than FREE!!

Text YOU CAN SAVE LIFE on a white background. Nearby is a doctor in white coat and stethoscope. Medical concept

Sunshine Donor Services is offering free cremation to anyone who is accepted into our program and donates their body to medical education and research (after death).   Our offer is “for real” – in exchange for doing something good for others, you get a free cremation.   That’s right; if you agree to help advance medical knowledge…

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