Honest Hospitals Vs. Dishonest Hospitals

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Apparently, many poor-quality hospital executives are graduates of the “Vladamir Putin School of Propaganda,” where they were taught that if a bad fact isn’t reported, it can be ignored.   So What Facts Are Some Hospitals Conveniently Forgetting To Report?  According to a study by the University of Michigan Medical School, many hospitals routinely underreport strokes…

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Nursing Homes: Who Is Financially Responsible?

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I am willing to bet that everyone receiving this email knows of a family financially obliterated by the cost of nursing home care for a loved one.   But did you know that family members cannot be required to pay for a relative’s nursing home care?   And, did you know that it is illegal for nursing homes…

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Can I Specify The Type Of Research I Want To Donate To?

Can I Specify The Type Of Research I Want To Donate To? Unfortunately, except for neurological research, we cannot honor specific research requests. However, in the case of neurological research, because we work directly with major research institutions that only perform basic neurological research, we provide this assurance. When a donor consents to both brain…

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