The Newest California Craze

Lady holding a joint in one hand

Every few days, I see a newspaper story that I simply can’t believe is true.  And, today is one of those days.    Exercise While High? Apparently, the newest fitness craze in Los Angeles is to exercise after getting high.   I saw this story reported in the Los Angeles Times (link to the story here),…

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Another reason to get the shingles vaccine ASAP

Clear medical bottle with the words Shingles Vaccine printed on label

Remember when you were a child and got chickenpox?  It was no big deal. In my case, I got lots of ice cream, watched a ton of TV, and got to stay home from school for a week or so until I recovered.  I wasn’t very sick and had a lot of fun at home…

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Helping you avoid being economic road kill

Picture of left and right hearing aids

There is no good way for me to say this…most baby boomers (I am a baby boomer) will end up as economic roadkill and die penniless because of the cost of long-term healthcare.   Poverty Doesn’t Have To Be Our Future But poverty doesn’t have to be our future, even though long-term healthcare will most likely…

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The Craziest Internet Scam Ever

White toilet with money hanging out the bowl

For the past two weeks, I have been inundated with calls (primarily men aged 20 through 30) who want to sell their poop to our firm.  People Are Calling To Sell Their Poop That’s right…this is not a typographical error…people are calling us to sell their poop (at $500 per poop).   There’s gold in them…

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Can I Have A Funeral, Viewing, or Wake If I Select Body Donation?

Yes, You Can. You do not need to choose between paying it forward through the body and/or brain donation and saying goodbye to your loved one in a respectful, dignified, and appropriate manner. Sine two funeral homes own Sunshine Donation Services, we can provide a traditional funeral service, viewing, or wake prior to body donation.…

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Can I Specify The Type Of Research I Want To Donate To?

Unfortunately, except for neurological research, we cannot honor specific research requests. However, in the case of neurologic research, because we work directly with major research institutions that only perform basic neurologic research, we provide this assurance. First, Eligibility Must Be Confirmed When a donor consents to both brain and whole-body donation, the first thing that…

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