There Are No Good Uses For Dryer Lint

A few days ago, I was emailed an article that suggested dryer lint is a hidden source of value. 

The article stated that if we only make a little effort to recycle our dryer lint, we can save a ton of money. 

The article suggested recycling dryer lint as filler in craft projects, dog beds, children’s toys, and pillows.  

A lady taking out the lint trap from the dryer. It's covered in pink lint.

The author even thought we could use drying lint to clean up kitchen, garage, and bathroom spills.  

“This is a much cheaper and more sustainable option over regularly using paper towels.”

You can read the article published by House Digest by clicking here.  

What You Need To Know

Ignore the advice provided by House Digest and other websites and publishers.  Dryer lint is dangerous.  

Dryer lint has no alternate uses.  It is worthless and dangerous. 

Dryer lint should always be cleaned from the dryer and the exhaust vent and thrown away.  

Dryer lint has no recycled uses because it is highly flammable.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, dryer lint causes 15,500 house fires annually in the United States.  

A dryer that is on fire with flames shooting out of it.

Worse, because of common laundry additives, burning dryer lint creates smoke with toxic chemicals and horrible side effects.  

So, keeping dryer lint, even to start outdoor fires, is a bad idea.  

The Largest Lint Ball Ever!

The Guinness Book of World Records has even gotten into the act and certified that the largest lint ball ever weighed 689 lbs and was created by Dryer Vent Wizard International.  

A black ball which is the largest lint ball ever recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records. It weights 689 lbs.

Notice the fire truck in the background.  The fire department was there because this lint ball didn’t last long before combusting.

And, of course, the firefighter is wearing a mask so he doesn’t breathe in the poisonous fumes.  

A pile of lint that is on fire being put out by a firefighter.

My Advice…

There are many dumb things written on the internet, and the suggestion that people should recycle dryer lint is one of the dumbest.    

Don’t recycle lint or do anything with it other than promptly throw it out.   

Look at the picture below if you need a reminder of what dryer lint can do.