Why Body Donation Is the Most Effective Way to Help Others

The process of donating your body after death is called “body donation.” It involves making arrangements for your body to be donated to science, medical research, education, or other purposes.

You Can Pay It Forward For Future Generations

There are many reasons why people choose to donate their bodies after death.  Some people want to honor loved ones who have passed away, while others with degenerative brain disease want to help prevent the suffering of future generations. Still, others want to leave a legacy behind.  Whatever the reason, there are several ways to donate your body, and/or your brain, after death.

Sunshine Donation Services Makes It Easy To “Pay It Forward Through Body Donation”

If you want to donate your body, there are several ways to do it, but the easiest is simply registering with Sunshine Donation Services.  We take care of the rest. 

Sunshine Donation Services is part of a funeral home, and we combine funeral home services with body donation services. 

When you pass away, Sunshine Donation Services brings your remains into our care, handles all of the paperwork needed for government compliance and death certificates, and qualifies you for body donation to science. 

We can even provide traditional funeral services so that your family will have an opportunity to say “goodbye.” 

Your remains will be utilized to train doctors and surgeons, orthopedic device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies, just to name a few good things that can come from death. 

Sunshine Donation Services also participates in neurological research programs

Many donors may also qualify for “brain” donations to medical schools and research institutions.  The programs that Sunshine Donation participates in are on the cutting edge of research to cure degenerative neurological diseases. 

The diseases that these research institutes are trying to cure include Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, Lewy Body, and others. 

So, be a hero and Pay it Forward By Participating in Body and Brain Donation

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